Green Food

Yunnan is the only province in China with a comprehensive climate covering all types except the maritime climate. The large number of production factors in Yunnan, such as its complex land-form, stereoscopic climate, high-quality source of water, high-intensity sunlight, fresh air and high-quality soil, together contribute to the formation of advantaged eco-environment for the development of featured agriculture on the plateau. Yunnan has created a series of high-quality Yunnan-brand agricultural products, such as "Yunnan vegetables", "Yunnan fruit", "Yunnan flowers", "Yunnan tea", "Yunnan medicine" and "Yunnan coffee". These products have been exported to more than 40 countries and regions including Hong Kong, France, Britain, Japan, Malaysia and Thailand.

At this point, Yunnan is sparing no efforts to build a world-class "green food" brand and cultivating a batch of "famous products of Yunnan" with Yunnan characteristics that boast high quality and enjoy reputation. It has been working hard to develop featured green products of Yunnan mainly in industries of tea, flowers, fruits, vegetables, nuts, coffee, Chinese medicine and beef. Also, it has been cultivating a number of new business entities including professional cooperatives, family farms and leading planters & breeders, and vigorously promoted the development mode of "big industry + new entity + new platform" and the whole-industrial-chain development mode of "scientific research + planting & breeding + processing + sales + circulation", so as to form a new development pattern of "one product from one village, one industry in one county" and create the "golden brand" of Yunnan featured agricultural products.


"Three Brands" for Green Development

Yunnan has put forward the requirement of accelerating the establishment of iterative industrial system of "traditional industry + pillar industry + emerging industry" to realize transformation and upgrading, and high-quality economic development in eco-friendly way. Meanwhile, it has put forward the requirement of forging three world-class brands, i.e., "green energy", "green food" and "healthy living destination".


"Green energy": Relying on abundant clean energy, such as water, electricity, natural gas and shale gas, it is to optimize and improve the green energy industry, expand the electricity markets at home and abroad, promote the integrated development of hydroelectric aluminum and silicon materials, accelerate the development of new-energy automobile industry, and convert the advantages of green and clean energy into economic and development advantages.

"Green food": Relying on unique ecological environment, it is to focus on 8 characteristic industries (including tea, flower, fruit, vegetable, walnut, coffee, Chinese herbal medicine, and beef cattle industries), improve and optimize green agricultural products with characteristics of Yunnan, such as "Yunnan vegetable", "Yunnan fruit", "Yunnan flower", "Yunnan tea", "Yunnan medicine" and "Yunnan coffee", cultivate a batch of enterprises being able to provide international service, improve the output value of agricultural product processing industry, and increase the influence and market share of agricultural products from Yunnan.

"Healthy living destination": Relying on blue sky and white clouds, green mountains and rivers, and pure air, it is to forge Yunnan into a charming tourist resort and a health preserving paradise, vigorously develop the chain-wise "great health industry" from "modern Chinese medicine, vaccine and stem cell application" to "medical scientific research and diagnosis and treatment" and then to "rehabilitation and leisure", and construct a medical industrial complex integrating medical treatment, research and development, education, rehabilitation and leisure.


The "Three Brands" are the breakthroughs for accelerating the development of eight major industries in Yunnan Province. In terms of "green energy", it is planned to obtain added value of more than RMB 120 billion for energy industry, and make the feed-in tariff of market-oriented transaction electricity reach 100 billion kW h as much as possible. In terms of "green food", it is to ensure ratio of output value of agricultural product processing industry to total output value of agriculture of 1.6:1 above, set up organic industry alliance, increase 1000 new agricultural products that are certified as pollution-free, green, organic and allowed to bear their unique geographical features, give rewards to "10 Famous Brands", "Top 10 Enterprises" and "Top 20 Innovation Enterprises", strive to introduce a batch of enterprises providing investment of over RMB 1 billion, increase 50 new leading enterprises with annual sales revenue exceeding RMB 100 million, and select 20 counties as pilot counties to carry out "one industry in one county" project. In terms of "healthy living destination", it is planned to construct 20 all-for-one tourism demonstration areas, 32 excellent self-driving routes, and more than 50 auto camps, so as to build Yunnan into a gathering place for innovation and entrepreneurship of high-level talents and for leisure of domestic and foreign tourists.