Industrial park ——
Industrial park is a supporting platform of project and an important carrier for agglomeration and development of industry, transformation and upgrading of industrial economy. Headway has been made in promoting park construction. There are more than one hundred national, provincial, prefecture-level, municipal, and county-level industrial parks in Yunnan. At present, the new pattern for development of national open platform has been basically formed, with Central Yunnan New Area as the core, high-tech industrial development zone, economic and technological development zone and comprehensive bonded zone as the basis, key development and opening-up pilot zone, cross-border economic cooperation zone as the front line.



Central Yunnan New Area ——
As a national-level park, Central Yunnan New Area is located in the east and west of downtown Kunming, and has a planning area of about 482 k㎡, covering Anning City, Songming County, and part of Guandu District. Central Yunnan New Area features sound ecological environment, favorable location conditions, and complete infrastructure system of transportation, water supply, energy and information.


In the three years since its set-up, headway has been made in infrastructure construction, area development, industry cultivation and environment maintenance. Among all national new areas, Central Yunnan New Area rank third in GDP growth rate, second in growth rate of general public budget revenue, and first in growth rate of added value of industry above designated size. Up to now, 6 of the world's top 500 enterprises and 9 of China's top 500 enterprises have been introduced. The 100 billion-level new energy automobile and supporting parts industrial system is being formed, the 100 billion-level airport industrial park system has been gradually formed, and the 100 billion-level petrochemical cyclical industrial system has been basically formed.


"533" industrial development strategy for Central Yunnan New Area: It is to make 5 high-end manufacturing clusters, including automobile and high-end equipment, petrochemical, new material, electronic information and biological medicine, bigger and stronger, cultivate and develop 3 modern service clusters, including high-end business and headquarters economy, commerce and trade & modern logistics, and tourism and health service, spare no effort to forge three 100 billion-level industrial parks, including Anning Industrial Park, Yanglin Economic and Technological Development Zone and Airport Economic Zone, and take great pains to establish optimized and distinctive modern industrial system featuring reasonable division and staggered development.



Free Trade Zone ——
Kunming Comprehensive Bonded Zone: With a planning area of 2 k㎡, it is to focus on such businesses as bonded processing, bonded logistics, bonded warehousing, bonded exhibition and bonded service. The comprehensive bonded zone consists of Zone A and Zone B. Zone A is located in Kunming Economic & Technological Development Zone. It is to focus on the development of characteristic and competitive industries of Yunnan and surrounding countries, including resource industry, jewelry and jade, bio-pharmaceutical and food, and emphasize the functions of bonded processing and bonded logistics. Zone B is close to Kunming Changshui International Airport. It is to focus on international re-export trade, warehousing, processing and the like, and highlight such functions as bonded trade, bonded service, bonded logistics, bonded processing and exhibition.


Honghe Comprehensive Bonded Zone: It is located in the Honghe Industrial Park, with a total planning area of 3.29 k㎡, and has functions such as bonded logistics, international trade, processing and manufacturing, research, development and testing. It is to carry out international purchasing and distribution, international re-export trade, international transfer, product display, testing and after-sales service, research and development, processing and manufacturing, storage of imported and exported products and other goods for which customs formalities are not handled. For industrial development in Honghe Comprehensive Bonded Zone, it is to take bonded logistics as the core, processing and manufacturing, research and development, and testing as the main body, and highlight product display and international trade. Focus is to be put on development of commodity trade, distribution service, logistics, finance and insurance, electronic information, biological medicine, textile and clothing, new energy material, equipment manufacturing, rubber products, deep mineral processing and other industries.


Cross-border Economic Cooperation Zone ——

Mohan (China) - Boten (Laos) Cross-border Economic Cooperation Zone: Located at the junction of Xishuangbanna Prefecture of Yunnan and Namtha of Laos, it covers an area of about 33 k㎡ (with 16.8 k㎡ of land in China). It is planned to construct international commercial and financial center, Boten national park, international bonded logistics and processing park, Boten international park, and is expected to introduce relevant urban development projects concerning trade and business, tourism and leisure, finance and commerce, multinational technology, cultural media, export processing, education and medical treatment.


Hekou (China) - Lao Cai (Vietnam) Cross-border Economic Cooperation Zone: Located at the junction of Honghe Prefecture of Yunnan and Lao Cai of Vietnam, it covers an area of 21 k㎡ (with 11 k㎡ of land in China). The special supervision mode of "frontier opening, second tier control, inside the national border but outside the customs territory, and free trade" is implemented in the zone. The dominant industries include processing and manufacturing, cross-border commerce, international finance, modern logistics, cross-border tourism and international exhibition industries.



Border Economic Cooperation Zone ——
There are 4 national border economic cooperation zones, i.e., Ruili National Border Economic Cooperation Zone, Wanding National Border Economic Cooperation Zone, Hekou National Border Economic Cooperation Zone and Lincang National Border Economic Cooperation Zone, and 4 provincial border economic cooperation zones, i.e., Malipo (Tianbao) Provincial Border Economic Cooperation Zone, Tengchong (Houqiao) Provincial Border Economic Cooperation Zone, Menglian (Meng'e) Provincial Border Economic Cooperation Zone, Lushui (Pianma) Provincial Border Economic Cooperation Zone and Gengma (Mengding) Provincial Border Economic Cooperation Zone. After years of development, the border economic cooperation zones have become frontier windows for opening-up along border, important carriers for foreign cooperation and effective supports for vitalizing border areas and enrich the people.


For border economic cooperation zones, it is to focus on development of import and export processing industry, warehousing and logistics industry and related industries, international trade and service industry, cross-border tourism cultural industry, and high-end equipment manufacturing industry. Enterprises in the border economic cooperation zones will be supported in terms of overseas integrated agricultural development, mineral exploitation, tourism cooperation and overseas production and processing base construction. Enterprises in the border economic cooperation zones will be encouraged to "go global", carry out overseas economic and trade investment and cooperation, and border trade, and accelerate the construction of provincial financing platform in the zone.


Mengla (Mohan) Development and Opening-up Experimental Zone ——
Mengla (Mohan) National Key Development and Opening-up Experimental Zone It is located in Xishuangbanna, Yunnan, and connected to land of Laos in the east, south and west. It covers about 4500 k㎡. This experimental zone has five functions: A significant platform of China – Laos strategic cooperation, a comprehensive traffic hub linking China and Indochina Peninsula, an important growth pole of border areas, a pioneer of ecological civilization construction and a demonstration zone “bringing harmony, security and prosperity to neighbors”. This pilot zone will focus on the development of characteristic agriculture, biological industry, import & export processing, trade logistics industry and cultural tourism.


Ruili National Key Development and Opening-up Experimental Zone It is located in Dehong Dai and Jingpo Autonomous Prefecture, Yunnan Province, bordering the Union of Myanmar. The experimental zone is centered on the whole area of Ruili City (1040 k㎡). There are two national Grade-I ports of Ruili and Wanding and national Grade-II port of Zhangfeng in Longchuan County. This experimental zone has six functional zones: Border Economic Cooperation Zone, International Logistics and Warehousing Zone, International Trade and Tourism Service Zone, Import & Export Processing Zone, Characteristic Agriculture Demonstration Zone, and Ecological Barrier Zone. Foreign investment will enjoy special preferential policies such as national fiscal taxation, investment & financing, industry & trade, land resources, and opening-up.



Cross-border E-commerce Comprehensive Experimental Zone ——
China (Kunming) Cross-border E-commerce Comprehensive Experimental Zone - China's cross-border e-commerce radiation center facing south Asia and southeast Asia, plans to build the cross-border e-commerce of “Two Platforms and Six Systems” by 2020, namely, Cross-border E-commerce Online Public Service Platform, Cross-border E-commerce Offline Industrial Park Platform, Cross-border E-commerce Information Sharing System, Cross-border E-commerce Financial Service System, Cross-border Intelligent Logistics System, Cross-border E-commerce Credit System, Cross-border E-commerce Statistical Monitoring System, and Cross-border E-commerce Risk Prevention and Control System.
In the future, we will build the cross-border e-commerce international logistics channel: Open and encrypt international routes to South Asia and Southeast Asia, increase flights to major cities in the Middle East and North Africa, develop all-cargo routes connecting South Asia and Southeast Asia freight hubs, establish freight routes extending to West Asia, Africa, Australia and New Zealand and gradually expand to Europe. We will also accelerate the construction of the Kunming-Hanoi, Kunming-Bangkok and Kunming-Rangoon Trans-Asian Railways, actively coordinate the opening of additional railway transportations to Central Europe and Central Asia, promote the signing of cross-border road transport agreements with Vietnam, Laos, Myanmar and Thailand, and open freight trains. So as to build a modern integrated logistics service system with comprehensive and intelligent elements, make overall plans to solve issues in transportation, commerce and supervision services, and realize seamless connection of aviation, railway and highway transportations at ports.

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