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Take efforts of the whole province to construct the business environment

The "Government Work Report" of Yunnan Province points out that 2019 is the "Year of Promoting the Business Environment" of Yunnan Province. It will comprehensively carry out the business environment assessment, launch the "Four Zeros" action, continuously deepen the reform of “delegating power, streamlining administration and optimizing government services”, and enhance the vitality of micro-subjects. “Zero Threshold” outside the negative list refers to classifying and managing all administrative approval matters related to market access according to the "Separating Permits from Business Licenses" mode. “Zero Charge” outside the charge list refers to taking special measures to control various arbitrary charges against enterprises and stopping all provincial-level administrative charges involving enterprises. “Zero Distance” of service to enterprises refers to taking the initiative to help enterprises solve their difficulties and establish a close and clean political-business relationship. “Zero Tolerance” for infringement refers to resolutely stopping all unnecessary inspection, supervision and examination of enterprises, and protecting the personal and property safety of entrepreneurs in accordance with the law.


On April 17, 2019, General Office of the Yunnan Provincial Commission and General Office of the People’s Government of Yunnan Province jointly issued Several Opinions on Further Optimizing the Business Environment and Ten Actions to Improve Business Environment in Yunnan Province. They focus on creating a pragmatic and efficient government environment, a competitive and orderly market environment, a vigorous innovation and entrepreneurial creation environment, a fair and just legal environment, and an honest and trustworthy social environment, as well as establishing a close and clean political-business relationship, and an excellent business environment featuring rule of law, internationalization, marketization and facilitation, so as to stimulate market vitality and social creativity.


Reduction of taxes and administrative fees: Firstly, ensure that this policy in implemented properly. From this year until the end of 2021, a “6 Taxes and 2 Surcharges” will be levied on small-scale VAT taxpayers across the province by 50%, further reducing the tax burden on small and micro enterprises. Secondly, ensure that the quality and efficiency of tax services are improved with broadening the one-time settlement items, streamlining and compressing tax information, and actively promoting “Internet plus Taxation”. Thirdly, ensure the legitimate rights and interests of taxpayers.

Government affairs service: Create a new window of “Colorful Yunnan and Cloud-based Government Affairs” and a new government service environment of “handle affairs without asking for help, separation of examination and approval, and handle procedures in one visit”, and further promote the construction of “handle affairs on one mobile phone”.

Enterprise financing: Kunming Branch of the People's Bank of China will make good use of monetary policy tools, urge commercial banks to increase internal capital transfer pricing support, accelerate the synchronization of supporting measures such as taxation, industry, supervision, financing guarantee and risk compensation, continue to promote the special action on accounts receivable for small and micro enterprises, continue to increase financial support and alleviate the problem of difficult financing for private and small and micro enterprises.

Customs clearance at ports: The overall clearance time at ports of Yunnan reduced by more than one third in 2018 and the reduction will be no less than 10% on the current basis in 2019.

Export rebates: Optimize management, improve efficiency, and reduce the average processing time to 10 working days.

Export of special agricultural products: Promote the construction of export agricultural products bases, optimize and adjust the sampling inspection and risk monitoring plans for export agricultural products, integrate regulatory resources, optimize customs clearance procedures, implement the classified inspection and supervision modes of “One Product, One Policy” and “One Enterprise, One Policy”, help export enterprises to deal with foreign technical trade barriers, and give full play to the specialty advantages to provide technical support.

Market supervision: Yunnan Provincial Market Supervision Bureau has carried out six actions, namely, “Deepening the Reform of Commercial System”, “Safeguarding Fair Competition”, “Protecting Enterprise Rights and Interests”, “Promoting Enterprise Operation”, “Enhancing Enterprise Service Efficiency” and “Supervision and Enforcement Innovation”.

Examination and approval of construction land: Yunnan Provincial Department of Natural Resources has set up an administrative examination and approval office to standardize the application materials, examination and approval process, examination points and examination and approval time limit for various types of land, reduce the requisition & transfer of land, construction application materials of separate site selection, and internal examination process, so as to decrease the examination and approval time limit to 20 working days.

Real estate registration: “Reduce links, materials, and time limit”, “One-number taking, one-set-of-document using, and one-window handling”.

Start-up time of enterprises: In 2018, the start-up time of enterprises in the whole province has been reduced to less than 8 working days. In the future, on the basis of the present, efforts will be made to reduce the start-up time of enterprises by another half.